Publications and Resources

    For People Living with Abuse

    The purpose of this guide is to provide information about services in Prince Edward Island for individuals who identify as a victim, or as someone whose behaviour is abusive. It also contains valuable support information for neighbours, friends or family members who care. The beginning of this guide contains information for victims of abuse and the latter part for individuals whose behaviour is abusive.

    When you contact any of the included organizations, they will work with you to get the help you need.

    For Bystanders

    The Premier's Action Committee on Family Violence Prevention created these tip sheets with actions to fit your own safety, personal style, relationship with the victim or abuser or a situation you may have witnessed.

    For Parents and Caregivers

    For Professionals

    For Teachers and Youth

    For the Workplace

    For Men and Boys

    Legislation, Reports and Statistics

    Looking for more information?

    Family Violence Prevention Week takes place year year in February.

    The Provincial Library Service has books, journal articles and other resources. Search the Provincial Library Service catalog using keywords such as family violence, domestic violence or abuse.

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