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How to help in other ways

  • ask community organizations to provide opportunities for public education about family violence;

  • ask your local library to carry periodicals and books on the subject of family violence;

  • ask that schools and your home and school association provide information about dating and family violence. Encourage staff to be prepared to offer help and support to students who need it;

  • encourage day-care centres, after-school programs and schools to help children learn about healthy relationships and non-violent ways of dealing with conflict;

  • organize training sessions on family violence in your community;

  • work with your faith community to provide information about family violence;

  • offer to volunteer with your local women's shelter, rape crisis centre or community outreach organization;

  • get permission to put up posters and stickers with the names and numbers of local resources in hospital, hotel, restaurant and movie theatre washrooms. Barber shops, beauty salons and fitness centres could be asked to do the same. Community bulletin boards are also good places to post information. Contact the Premier's Action Committee on Family Violence Prevention for resources.

  • sponsor a family violence prevention poster and slogan contest in schools;

  • host a brown-bag luncheon featuring presentations on healthy relationships;

  • alert your local shelter and veterinarians about the relationship between animal abuse and family violence.

  • take part in community events that focus on family violence issues. Encourage community leaders to be inclusive (include Aboriginal leaders, multicultural representatives, gay and bisexual community members, etc.) in the planning of these events.

    Take part in Family Violence Prevention Week events and activities

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