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Family Violence Information for Everyone

What is family violence?

Family violence affects, or will affect, all people in Prince Edward Island.  Family violence is connected to abuse of power and control, and to injustice based on sex, race, age, class, sexual orientation, and physical or mental ability.  Individual history, family history, and current circumstances play a role in family violence.
Family violence is known by many names: child maltreatment, child abuse, incest, child exposure to domestic violence, intimate partner violence, spousal violence, woman abuse, domestic violence, sibling abuse, parent abuse, elder abuse, and abuse of older adults.
Family violence can affect anyone, from any demographic: cultural, national and ethnic origin, socio-economic status, education, gender, age and physical or mental ability.

Family violence can take many forms: harassment, verbal abuse, threats, financial abuse, psychological abuse, emotional abuse, spiritual abuse, neglect, damage to property, injury to pets, physical abuse, sexual abuse, and homicide.

Family violence can happen between: current and former intimate partners (married and unmarried couples, including same-sex couples, and dating partners); a legal guardian or parent and child; blood, marriage or adoptive relatives; and a live-in caregiver and care recipient.

Family violence hurts.  It can cause physical and psychological harm.  Family violence violates the victim's rights and freedoms.  Family violence harms the healthy development of children and youth.

Family violence is a public health issue, a criminal justice issue, and a human rights issue.  To address family violence, all of us in Prince Edward Island must work together and share our resources.

Family Violence Hurts! Speak Up!

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